Aug 26 2014

Bark at Nay Aug Park – September 14th

September 14, 2014

11am – 4 pm

Nay Aug Park in Scranton, PA

Crafters, Live Bands, Entertainment, Concessions, Photographers and Animal Rescues

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Jan 13 2014

RIP dear sweet Alice

Memorial to our Sweet “Auntie” Alice (Adopted 4-25-10)

I’m very sad to tell you that our beloved dog Alice was peacefully euthanized last night. She developed mega esophagus and that combined with her very bad lung disease made it too difficult for her to eat anything and she had a rapid decline. She had been through so much in her life before she came to live with us, we did not want her to suffer at the end. We have a very kind vet who came to our home and did it quietly here for her and she had her 2 “brothers” there with her as well as us.

Alice lived with us for almost 3 3/4 years, longer than we thought we would have her given all her medical problems, but it wasn’t nearly long enough. We loved her so much and miss her terribly. I know that her years with us were probably the best years of her life and we likely gave her extra time she would not otherwise have had but right now that doesn’t help at all.

I’m trying to be grateful for the time she did spend with us and think of all the good times we had together but it’s hard. She was one of the dearest, sweetest dogs I have ever known and we will always be grateful to have had the opportunity to welcome her into our family.

Best wishes,

Brenda & Ian G.


Sep 09 2013

Family Fun Fest, Pet Expo and Pet Walk

Saturday, September 14th
12 pm – 4 pm
Schimelfenig Pavilion Area – Near Pool


Sep 04 2013

Third Annual “Pasta for the Pooches”

Sunday, September 22, 2013
12:00 pm – 4:00 pm
Crystal Fire Company
201 Bacon Street
Jermyn, Pennsylvania 18433

Donation: $9
Call Michele for tickets at 876-3026

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Jul 10 2013


Lola was recently surrendered to a local emergency hospital. We offered to pay for her medical expenses and take her into rescue. She is only 13 weeks old and she had a broken leg that healed wrong. Because repair was no longer possible, her left front let had to be amputated. Lola is a Maltese puppy with HUGE ears. She is as cute as a button and just about as big as one….she weighs 3.4 lbs.

HUGE thank you to Kelly and Alison for offering to foster her through her recuperation!! I’m sure she will bring a lot of smiles to your faces in the next two weeks!!

I thought I would take this opportunity to introduce Lola to everyone. She is already bouncing around on three legs like the wind. Once she gets that cone off, we won’t be able to catch her!!  :-)

If anyone would like to donate towards Lola’s care, donations can be made using the PayPal button. Your support is very much needed and appreciated!!


Mar 07 2013

RailRiders Game

Saturday, May 11, 2013
7:05 pm
Contact: Debbie Stezar, 570-341-1997


Feb 05 2013

Paws and Strips – Dog Pageant

Sunday, April 7, 2013

12:00 – 3:00 pm
Abington Dog Park

Event flyer:


Dec 05 2012

Memorial for Princess Petunia

Princess Petunia
Sadly, Princess Petunia passed away, in her sleep on November 7, 2012. Princess was adopted from One Life To Live Rescue just this past July. She was very much loved in her new, “forever” home. But, sadly, “forever” just wasn’t long enough. :-(

Princess Petunia was 11 years old and she will be very much missed by all who knew her. Please say a “special” prayer for Karen, her “mom” who is taking this pretty badly. Karen is simply devastated over the loss of her “little girl”.

THANK YOU, Karen, for taking such good care of Princess Petunia during her final months on this earth. Princess was a very lucky little girl that you came into her life when you did and loved her dearly until the end.


Oct 23 2012

Please help Gidget the puppy


Oct 16 2012

Adoption Event – Dickson City Store


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