A Tribute to Casey TwoSocks

12670544_10207622413511844_954827745992671586_nCasey TwoSocks, Beloved Friend and Constant Companion of Debbie Stezar 2003 – 2016.
(Rescued from a NYC shelter in 2009)
Mascot of One Life To Live Pet Rescue.

Casey was there for me through “thick and thin” every single day…devotion unmatched by any other. She was with me in my alone times. She was with me through my divorce. Her pleasant smile and wagging tail always told me that she loved me. She only loved me. I wish that other people got to see the wonderful side of Casey that she showed to me. My Casey TwoSocks was an amazing, intelligent, stubborn dog who knew how to get her own way. And I loved her.
Casey’s OLTL tag was number 13. Lucky number 13… which means that she was with me throughout the rescue, and placement, of about 1575 other dogs since the day she came into my life. We worked hard together. She will always be the mascot of One Life To Live Rescue because she earned that place.
Now I have to work without my “special” girl by my side….but she will remain forever in my heart. I know that she will be with me until the day I take my last breath and then I hope to join her, and all of my other fur babies, at the Rainbow Bridge.
Rest well, My Casey TwoSocks…. until we meet again. XX OO “Your Mom”