Q: How do I contact your rescue organization?

A: The best way to contact us is via email at OLTLrescue@gmail.com . As we are a group of volunteers, most of us work during the day, and are not always available to speak with potential adopters on the telephone. Also, there is no guarantee that if you leave a message, your phone call will be returned in a timely manner. Please be sure to provide in your email the name of the dog, or dogs, that you are interested in, the nature of your question and a good contact number and time for us to reach you. We will first try to answer your questions via email, if possible. Please DO read through this “Questions list”, and also review the animal’s Petfinder page, prior to emailing any questions. Many of the answers you are looking for may have already been provided. This will save everyone some time.

Q: How do I get to meet with a dog that you have for adoption?

A: As we do not have a physical location, all of our adoptable dogs are located in foster homes. Some are actually still at the shelter, or in foster homes in other states, as we arrange for them to make their way into a local foster home. To meet with the OLTL dogs, or to potentially adopt one, please fill out our Adoption Application, which is located on our website. We will process your application and get back to you as soon as possible to set up a homevisit where we meet with you in your home. Once you have an approved application on file with us, and your home visit has been completed, only then will you be given contact information for the foster mom or dad of the dog that you are most interested in. At that point in the adoption process, you will be able to ask any and all questions about the dog that you might have and also make an appointment to meet the dog “in person”. Please note that this entire process can be rather quick and it may only be one week’s time from the application to the adoption, so you will not have to wait a very long time to meet “your dog”.

Q. How long does it usually take to process an application?

A. The time to process an application varies. If everything goes well, and we have enough volunteers to handle the number of applications that are coming in, the answer is about 2-3 days. But, please note that the process will take longer if we are unable to reach your references, or if your application is not 100% complete. Please take the time to include ALLinformation asked for on the application, and double-check phone numbers for your veterinarian and personal references. Also, please contact your veterinarian, ahead of time, to allow them to speak to us and to release pertinent information. It is also recommended that you let your other references know to be expecting a call from us. Taking the time to do these things will expedite the application process.

Q. Do you adopt to people who rent their home?

A. Normally we do not adopt out any dogs over 25 pounds to those who rent their home. This is only because it is increasingly difficult to find rentals who will accept larger breed dogs, should you ever have to move. There are times where exceptions will be made at our discretion, based on other factors. We will also be calling the present landlord to make sure that dogs are allowed and to see if there are any breed restrictions.

Q. What does it cost to adopt a dog?

A:The adoption fee ranges from $325-$400 depending the dog, payable by cash or check. Sorry, but we cannot accept credit card or debit card payments at this point in time.

Q. Is the adoption donation refundable?

A. Most often, the adoption donation is not refundable. So, please be sure of your decision to adopt the dog prior to asking to do so. However, if the dog is returned to rescue within three weeks of adoption, one-half of the adoption donation MAY be refunded. This is considered on an individual basis and is not guaranteed. All of this is written in our Adoption Contract.

Q. What vetting do your rescue dogs come with?

A. Our dogs will have had age-appropriate vaccines, spay/neuter, and some, but not all, will have a microchip. They will also have been dewormed and treated for fleas and ticks with a preventative. Any dog over the age of six months will also have been heartworm tested. Any medical issues will have been addressed with full disclosure of such to any potential adopters.

Q. What does it mean to “Foster” a dog?

A. To put it simply, it means to save a life  :-)  Literally! We do not have a facility to house our rescued dogs, so we rely on foster homes, to “temporarily” provide them with love and shelter, as we search for their “forever” homes. As a foster parent, you will not be responsible for veterinary costs. If you do not have a crate, we will provide one. We will provide monthly flea and tick and heartworm treatment. If you need help with dog food for your foster, we will provide that too, if and when we can. We will do our best to place a dog in your care that will fit well with your house dynamics and your own abilities.

Q. How do I go about fostering a dog?

A. The first step is to please fill out our Foster/Adoption Application. Our foster application and our adoption application are one and the same. We do this for a reason. If a foster home should decide that they wish to adopt the dog that they are fostering, the application has already been approved. Also, foster homes do have “first dibs” on the dogs that they are fostering, provided that they give fair notice that they are thinking of doing so. Once we have processed an approved application on a dog, the foster home will, no longer, have any say on whether the dog will be adopted out or not.

Q. What happens if I find that I cannot keep the dog that I adopted?

A. At One Life To Live Pet Rescue and Adoption, Inc., it is our policy to ALWAYS take our rescue dogs back if something should happen in the adoptive home that makes it impossible for them to keep the dog. It is actually mandatory, under most circumstances.

Q. How would I go about getting pet insurance for my newly adopted dog?

A. All of our adopter’s are eligible for this pet insurance offer from Petfinder.com Information from PetFirst Adoption Insurance: PetFirst’s adoption insurance program is a discounted pet insurance offer available to every dog and cat adopted from your organization, regardless of age or breed. This program ensures the pets you adopt out are covered for unexpected accidents and illnesses. PetFirst’s adoption insurance provides accident and illness coverage for only $5.00 for the first month, and $14.95 each additional month thereafter. This provides $1,000 of accident and illness protection, which can be a safety net for a pet parent to be able to afford an unforeseen medical emergency, rather than making the tragic decision not to treat. To activate the insurance, pet parents can either register online at www.petfirst.com/petfinder or by calling 1-877-291-PETS(7387). The insurance isn’t active until they activate it, and is not retroactive to the date of the adoption. Once their insurance is active, they use the veterinarian of their choice and submit their bills for reimbursement. PetFirst reimburses 100% of veterinary bills after a $50 deductible, and our claims department usually processes those claims within 2 weeks. An adopter’s relationship with a veterinarian has a proven impact to keep a pet in the home.  Our adoption insurance helps the adopter from having a financial crisis and reduces health related returns and phone calls to your organization.

Adoption Insurance Summary

Thank you so much for taking the time to look into adopting or fostering a homeless dog!

We sincerely hope that we have answered any questions that you might have satisfactorily.




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