fosteringQualities of a GREAT foster home!

  1. Safe Environment
  2. Reliability- Does what they say they will do (even if it is harder than they thought)
  3. Accessibility- Returns emails/phone calls/texts/messages quickly
  4. Flexibility- Understanding and cooperative when plans change
  5. Realistic- Clear about what they CAN do for rescue
  6. Dynamic- excited about learning the world of rescue and understanding dogs
  7. Social- Able to talk “dog” with people and educate community while advocating for animals
  8. Hopeful- able to stay afloat amidst depressing/upsetting news

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Where do the dogs come from?
    ANSWER:  Most of our dogs come from a partner shelter in Darlington, South Carolina- we have a very trustworthy and strong relationship with them and they are always in need of assistance to keep their euthanasia rates down.  We also take local owner surrenders and are frequently contacted by VREC to assist with stray or emergency dogs.
  2. Why rescue?
    ANSWER:  Thousands of dogs die every day.  Healthy, sweet, young dogs- it is our belief that no dog should die due to “lack of space” Rescue saves lives and changes lives…
  3. Why does it matter if my other pets are spayed/neutered?
    ANSWER:  Responsibility.  Our mission is to rescue the many good dogs that have lost their home.   Unaltered pets are a large reason for the many abandoned dogs that we rescue from the shelter that we work with.
  4. Are the dogs healthy?
    ANSWER: YES, as far as we know.  All of our Darlington dogs are given a health certificate before traveling to PA- they are free from disease.  We advise that you take your new addition to your vet to be established as a patient – but do not expect them to be ill.  Traveling stresses are common.  All the dogs are up to date on vetting and have been heartworm tested and have been kept on preventatives for flea/tick/heartworm as well.  Typically, mixed breed dogs are healthier than “purebreed” dogs- we also advise considering pet insurance or a savings account for emergencies.

What One Life to Live expects of YOU:

  1. You will love your foster dog(s)
  2. You will supervise your foster dog(s) – particularly the first week as you get to know them
  3. You will maintain medicines – flea/tick, heartgurd, any other meds
  4. You will feed quality food and a clean source of water
  5. You will exercise your foster dog(s) and provide a safe place outside either by leash or yard
  6. You will work with your foster dog(s) on basic manners and obedience
  7. You will give at least 2 weeks notice if you will be unable to care for your foster dog due to vacation or travel- more notice is appreciated.
  8. You will make every effort to bring your foster dog(s) to adoption events
  9. You will allow your foster dog(s) several days to adjust to your home- and be patient
  10. You will NOT give up on your foster dog

What to expect of One Life to Live:

  1. We will cover all vetting expenses including medicines
  2. We will provide support and information regarding training and behaviour issues should they arise. We will manage all applications and generate interest in your foster dog via FaceBook and
  3. We will provide crates, food, leash, collar, and any other items the dog should need upon request.  (Many foster homes simply share food already purchased for their own dogs)
  4. We will do our best to match your home with foster dogs that fit your lifestyle and family.
  5. We will save lives with your help.

REMEMBER— this is about the DOG – it is not always fun or easy, but it is WORTH it— and youCAN do it!  Don’t give up on yourself or the dog— you are getting to know each other and each foster dog you have will teach you and help you grow- embrace the change and be patient with yourself and the dog.

**This is a casual reference for your responsibility- refer to your contract regarding your foster agreement for any details or legal questions you might have**




 Ways you can help!


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